Friday, 20 January 2012

Amazing Blog of the Week

I heart this blog, it's amazing!  Hours of reading and looking at pretty pictures!  Eat Drink Chic by Amy Moss - now that's talent!

I Heart Friday's

Friday - day off work, what's not to love! Matilda and I hit the shops and look what I found, at a bargain price of £4, just because there was a button missing (luckily I collect buttons for the fun of it), happy days!
Matilda didn't do too bad either, she got a new outfit, which was double the cost of mine....cheek of it!

oh and we made cup cakes, well Mummy did, Matilda licked the bowl!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Little Lady

so i asked her what she loved today....her reply 'cats', shortly after this photo was taken she tried to batter our cat with her doll (no cat was harmed)

Monday, 16 January 2012

My first tutorial...yarn decorated jars

Ok, so I have never done one of these before so bear with me incase it goes all wrong! Will probably upload the photos in the wrong order knowing my luck!

Anyhow, I saw these the other day in a wedding inspiration book I bought in my beloved hobbycraft, and thought, they look a little bit easy, I may actually be capable of making them, and guess what, I was :)
They seem to be all the rage in America, with the ever popular vintage/rustic/country wedding theme, my all time favourite theme in fact.  Here's one I found on google:

Anyway, here is my attempt at a photo tutorial, it's not exactly a hard thing to do though:

Happy New Year....(little late)

It's 2012...hooray! I like even numbers, this year makes me happy!  So, mostly this year I will be filling my house with endless amounts of ribbon, yarn, buttons, books and magazines, drooling with envy over the amazing things people make and trying to attempt making my own things!  I am going to attempt my blog once again, sorry if it bores you, I bore myself at times!

So happy new year one and all, have a good one, I have a feeling 2012 will be a good year for me :-)