Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5th January 2011

I am teaching myself photography this evening, not sure exactly what I am teaching myself but just playing about with my camera in Manual mode and quite slowly getting the hang of it, I seem to have been stuck in Tv mode recently, so thought it was about time I got to grips with manual.  Found a fab photo on the 365 Project by Serena (srn) which i have attempted to re-create.  Not as good, but still enjoyed playing about and attempting it.

This one is definitely my fav, i might just frame it and put it in my new bedroom when it's done :-)


  1. damn it! this pc does everything but what i tell him to do!
    finally i manage to drop a comment

    honey that's perfect! i don't see any reason why you think it's not! i love it!!
    i'd like to frame and hang into my bedroom some of my pics, but my parents do not agree on that, they say it's not worth it, it's too expansive... never mind, some day i'll eventually go and live on my own, and hopefully i'll find a job (economy crisis doesn't help these days) and do what i want!

    you have two kids?? did you have them when you were in primary school??? :O you seemed younger than me! :O

    xoxo, Sere

    oh yes, btw, i'm srn/Serena Buffagni on 365 project :P

    i love your pics, and luckyly i've found out that you have a blog... i'll stop by quite often i guess ;)

  2. hunny, email me your photos and i will get it printed and send it to you so you can hang it in your room!! my email is
    send me your address to i will post them out at the weekend!!! They are fabulous photos, you must hang them. lol i am 30! but thank you for the compliment xxxx

  3. uhm... i replied using the address you wrote above :( i hope i haven't done anything wrong :S :)

  4. no of course you havent. I meant email me your photos, the ones from 365 and i will get them printed for you and send you the copies, so you can put them up in your bedroom at home. Privately email them to me with your address and i will post them over at the weekend. They deserve to be up in your bedroom :)